New arrivals- June 2019 RSS feed for public list New arrivals- June 2019 2018 Nelson's pediatric antimicrobial therapy / A short course in medical terminology / by Nath, Judi Lindsley, Abrasive water jet perforation and multi-stage fracturing / by Huang, Zhongwei, Advanced lean in healthcare / by Albanese, Craig T., Advanced physics of electron transport in semiconductors and nanostructures / by Fischetti, Massimo V., Advances in renewable energies and power technologies. Air pollution : by Tiwary, Abhishek, Applied nonlinear dynamics : by Nayfeh, Ali Hasan, Applied nonsingular astrodynamics : by K�echichian, Jean Albert, Arabic language processing from theory to practice. 6th international conference, ICALP 2017, Fez, Morocco, October 11?12, 2017, proceedings. Arabic second language learning and effects of input, transfer, and typlogy / by Alhawary, Mohammad T., Basic federal income tax / by Lieuallen, Gwendolyn Griffith, Biofabrication and 3D tissue modeling / Blockchain in healthcare : Blockchain technology explained : by Norman, Alan T., Business ethics in the Middle East / by Sidani, Yusuf, Cellulose acetate : Chemical engineering design and analysis : by Duncan, T. Michael, Chemical process design and simulation : by Haydary, Juma, Chemistry : Contemporary urban landscapes of the Middle East / Curriculum design in English language teaching / by Kostka, Ilka, Dermatology / Design and analysis of centrifugal compressors / by Braembussche, R. van den, Development of volcanic gas reservoirs : by Ran, Qiquan, Discovering the United Arab Emirates / by Affleck, Francesca, Durability of industrial composites / by Carvalho Filho, Antonio Electrical submersible pumps manual : by Tak�acs, G�abor, EMBEC & NBC 2017 : Encyclopedia of thermal packaging : Exploring research data management / by Cox, Andrew, First aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK: by Le, Tao, Gas wettability of reservoir rock surfaces with porous media / by Guancheng, Jiang, Gaseous carbon waste streams utilization : Geology : by Parriaux, Aur�ele, Hands-on blockchain with Hyperledger : by Gaur, Nitin, Higher calling : by Beardsley, Scott C., Hydrogeology / by H�olting, Bernward, Intelligent Digital Oil and Gas Fields : by Carvajal, Gustavo. Intensification of biobased processes / Interactive data visualization for the web : by Murray, Scott Introduction to applied statistics / by Arslan, Mehmet Ali, Introduction to petroleum biotechnology / by Speight, James G., Introduction to petroleum seismology / by Ikelle, L. Landslides : Liquidator : by Belyakov, Sergei, Machining fundamentals 10th edition. by Walker, John R., Managing aerospace projects / Manual drivetrains and axles / by Halderman, James D., Mastering healthcare terminology / by Shiland, Betsy J., Mobile microspies : by K�ohler, J. M. Modeling and control of hybrid propulsion system for ground vehicles / by Zou, Yuan, Modeling high temperature materials behavior for structural analysis. by Naumenko, K. D. Nationalism and nationhood in the United Arab Emirates / by Ledstrup, Martin, Net zero energy buildings (NZEB) : by Attia, Shady, Operating systems : by Stallings, William, Outsourcing war to machines : by Springer, Paul J., Physical chemistry of gas-liquid interfaces / Processed food addiction : Public speaking for college & career / by Gregory, Hamilton, Reaction green metrics : by Andraos, John, Sounds appealing : by Crystal, David, Standard work for lean healthcare / Subsea engineering handbook / by Bai, Yong, Supply chain network design : by Watson, Michael, Supported layered double hydroxides as CO2 adsorbents for sorption-enhanced H2 production / by Ferrer, Diana Iruretagoyena, Sync : by Strogatz, Steven H. Taekwondo basics / by Shaw, Scott, Taking to the air : by Ford, Lily, Talking renewables : by Singh, Anirudh, TESOL technology standards : The academic skills handbook : by Hopkins, Diana, The accidental analyst : by McDaniel, Eileen, The British end of the British empire / by Stockwell, S. E., The elements of graphing data / by Cleveland, William S., The fabric of consciousness / by Santos, Sergio, The functional art : by Cairo, Alberto, The geology of the Arab World : The lean healthcare handbook : by Pyzdek, Thomas, The Oxford handbook of aphasia and language disorders / The power of blockchain for healthcare : by Nichol, Peter B., The Praeger handbook of mental health and the aging community / The United Arab Emirates : by Morsy Abdullah, Muhammad, The world as it is : by Rhodes, Benjamin, The world's oceans : Toward distant suns : by Heppenheimer, T. A., Transformative paleobotany : Unity for architectural visualization : by Boeykens, Stefan, Value stream management for lean healthcare : by Tapping, Don, Visualization of time-oriented data / Visualizing data / by Cleveland, William S., Water for food security and well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean :